Misty Slopes




Siana is an incredibly warm, open and compassionate life coach

who really conveys a sincere interest in seeing you succeed.

I consider myself lucky to have worked with her.

Siana's approach to life coaching is gentle yet powerful, her presence is warm and welcoming yet direct and strong. Her desire to see me succeed with my goals and overcome limiting beliefs was genuinely visible and felt during each session. The strategies and "homework" Siana gave me and used during our sessions were great and very effective towards my goals and personal hurdles. Siana is full of knowledge, practical, warm, and an absolute pleasure to be in the company of. I would absolutely recommend her coaching services to anyone.




Siana is an amazing and powerful healer! She is so connected with the Divine

and intuitive that she can easily discover the source of any issue.

A one of a kind gal and powerful woman!





Since the day we met Siana has been an overflowing source of love, compassion and authenticity. Her dedication to healing and sharing the knowledge she has acquired so far is evident in all areas of her life. Not only does Siana embody all of her teachings, but she has a gentle and approachable way of sharing this with anyone that is open to receiving, making her a natural life coach.


Siana is such a deep listener and her wisdom is profound. I felt like my essence had truly been seen. She offered different and elevated perspectives compared to the stories I told myself, and they resonated so deeply. I also now have an artwork that Siana inspired me to create, which reminds me to be who I truly am; sunshine.


Siana has this way of making everyone feel incredibly comfortable, instantly! Her energy is so nurturing and warm, and she has a magical way of grounding energies/feelings into tangible practices to help make you feel like your best self.








I felt genuinely supported by Siana. Some days I showed up with a lot to talk about and other days I was not so sure. But no matter what came up Siana was able to point me in the right direction. She would really listen to me and allow me to become aware of what was lying beneath my words. She helped me work through my blocks and continue on a path towards finding a better me and reaching my goals.