my journey

Who are you going to work with?

My name is Siana and I am a professionally trained and certified (according to the standards and ethics of the International Coaching Federation) Empowerment Coach. I support people in claiming their life in all aspects.


My life has been a journey of continuous change


The one thing that has remained consistent throughout my life, has been the insatiable hunger to learn more about the human experience, how we think, how we react, how we feel, and why?


I consider myself lucky, as making my own choices has always been my strong pursuit. To give you a little insight: When I was in grade 7, my mother had to go see my principal to take me out of religious studies, as I refused to go to the classes. I did not agree with the fact, that we were only taught one religion and not all religions in this world, and no one could change my mind. A few years later, I decided to leave school in grade 10, 3 years before my finals, because my principal did not agree with my choice of majors. The day he told me that I couldn’t have it my way, I went home, told my mother that this is my life and if I can not chose my own subjects, I am leaving school. My poor mother had no choice than to take me out of school. I probably don’t have to mention that my principal, in hindsight, was absolutely right about my choice, as my choice was what my father thought was great for my future, but was actually not what was suitable for my soul. Nonetheless, I had to go on this journey for myself and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 


What followed after that is the nightmare of every

traditional employment consultant that teaches you how bad it is

to not have a clear direction and no gaps in your resume

  • moved to Denmark selling hot dogs at the age of 16

  • went back to school to study Graphic Design

  • studied Network Technologies and IT - if you know me at all, you see how misguided I was back then

  • moved to Italy to work with horses

  • enrolled in University and studied International Management, Asian Languages and Communication

  • left University after two years because of massive debates with the board about Ethics of Management in Asian Countries

  • studied Marketing and Communications

  • worked as a Senior Manager for International Communication Trainings for Marketing Staff in Europe, Dubai, Beirut and Indonesia for seven years

  • resigned because I did not see a purpose in Marketing anymore

  • moved to Australia

  • managed a restaurant for 6 years

  • left the country because of changes in visa regulations and due to this lost everything, job, house, car, even my luggage got lost by the shipping company

  • moved to Canada and finally decided to follow my calling and make the only thing that remained persistent, my curiosity about humans, how we make decisions in our lives, how we form our view about things, how we perceive things, and why it can seem so hard to change my purpose, my life, by becoming a Coach


This is a short version, but I feel like this brings across the point.

I made choices, many choices

Choices people did not agree with and labelled as crazy

The reaction is mostly the same, no matter if it’s friends, family or co-workers:


  • “Why would you throw away your career?” 

  • “Why would you walk away from a safe income?” 

  • “Why would you waste all your education to just go up and move to uncertainty?” 

  • “Aren’t you too old to make a career change?” 

  • ...and not to forget, one of my favourites: “But how are you ever going to have a husband and kids if you keep moving around?” (Thanks for projecting your dreams onto me, but I like to respectfully decline. I have my own dreams)

Don't get me wrong, just because I was convinced that my choices were the right ones, doesn't mean that life was just flowing.

Countless times have I felt like the challenges life is hitting me with

are like waves rolling in, pushing me of my surfboard, crashing over me

and pushing me deep down into the water

And every time I just came back up for a breath of air, they are pushing me back down. Again and again, until I was almost ready to give up. But you know what? The waves always stopped, eventually. And when they do, when you're sitting on your board, sea calm, the sun is setting, water below is crystal clear - you take a deep breath. And you are waiting. Processing. And you keep breathing. On the horizon, you see a new set of waves rolling in. For a moment, you are closing your eyes, taking a deep breath in. And right here, right then, you decide to ride that next wave. No matter what. The timing is perfect. You are gaining momentum, you feel the water giving you a good push, you take off, and for a split second, you are one with nature, one with the moment. You are at total peace. You are riding the wave just as it comes. And before you realize, you can feel this deep happiness coming from within, making you laugh like you have never laughed before. Pure bliss. And you are free. Eternally free, right in this moment.

What I learnt through all of it, is to trust my own intuition. I learnt to trust myself and surrender to the process, to have patience and to keep following my inner voice. Everything I did, no matter how out of line it seemed at the time, taught me something that is supporting me now. And everything is leading to a bigger picture.

I am blessed and eternally grateful, even in the darkest times of my life, to still be able find and see beauty in life, and carry a big smile on my face. My biggest takeaway from all of it is, that we always have a choice. Always. And I am here to help you claim your choice, to claim your life, and make it what you want it to be. Let me ride those waves with you.

Because life is a gift. And it is damn beautiful. We just have to make our choice